Sunday, June 27, 2010

Not too girly

My husband is studying at university, starting this semester. Amongst his supply-hunting at Officeworks, he was looking for a good pencil case, but he was annoyed to see that all the pencil cases were too "girly" for his liking. In desperation he asked if I'd make him one at home. I think he expected a simple little case with a zip ... but this is what he ended up with!

I bought 2 meters of zipper from Spotlight, and sewn continuously around itself provides this barrel-like pencil case! Combined with the bright green cotton to close off the ends, it contains no hint of "girly." :P

If undone, it simply ends up being one _really long_ zipper. Pretty cool, huh?

And totally undone...

I never get tired of pulling this thing apart and back together again ... it almost defies the purpose of a zipper. ^_^ So I'll leave you with the reconstruction. :)


  1. WOW, that's awesome Lucinda!! LOL... what a cute and original idea!! :D

  2. Thanks girls. :) I got the inspiration from Smiggle, Bonnie. :P Though, Glen would never admit that he actually uses (and likes) a smiggle inspired pencil case. ^_^ It was so fun to make though. I'm hoping to make a couple to put in my shop and try selling. :)