Monday, November 30, 2009


To any of you who may frequent my blog, I do apologize for my HUGE gap between posts. I've been so busy lately that I only seem to get time to do the essentials online now. In any case, I'm still alive, incase you're wondering. :)

I'm happy announce the opening of my second shop - sweetiPod Stationery. I'm slowly adding new items, so please stop by, and give something a try! You'll find some super cute Mini Envelopes, Handmade books, and other stuff to come! And all requests are welcome. :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

If two's company...

Recently I've been getting some custom requests for sets of 3 - friends, workmates, nieces, sisters, daughters, or maybe you need 3? Whatever the reason, if you're needing more than one girly gift this Christmas, then consider a set of cosmetic pouches - customised in colour, pattern, embroidery, and style.

At a discounted price when you buy a set, you're getting a great deal! And if you're wanting a different amount, just convo me! :) Stop by my Etsy shop and check it out!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Christmas is upon us...

I was told the other day that it's bad luck to set up your tree before Dec 1 ... that never seemed to stop all the shop owners however! It seems, come Oct, and everyone's in the Christmas rush!

Well, I've never been a Christmasy person, but entering a large family you tend to come to appreciate it a little more. A time for giving, loving, and being more concerned to find that special present for someone rather than what you'll get in return. But then, there's always a catch... the cost!

I decided to start my Christmas shopping now, rather than a week before Christmas like last year. And where better to start shopping than etsy? This is where I started...

ToonDesign is an amazing shop I found on my search for affordable clutches and wallets. I honestly don't feel it justified to spend $50+ on a clutch! I'm sorry, it's just not practical. But stop by ToonDesign's shop, and you'll be pleasantly surprised. I was able to snatch up some adorable mini-clutches for only $7 each! And $12 for the regular size. And if you're quick, you'll catch her Buy 3, get 1 free sale!! I didn't even realise until she told me I got a 4th for free - you should have seen my excitement! lol.